VIDEO DIRECTED by Yohsuke Furuta

played by
NORO - Vo, A.Guitar(Intro)
Hirotaka"SHIMMY"Shimizu - E.Guitar, A.Guitar
Kengo Koyama - Bass
Tatsuhiko Iino - E.piano
Teppei Okada -Violin
Daisuke Tashika - Percussion

recorded by
NORO at Southern Wind Studio and G-ROKS Studio(Violin),
SHIMMY at Golden Mic Studio(All Guitars)

mixed, mastered by
NORO at Southern Wind Studio

supported by
Takako Arai - styling support
Tsuruko Kameyama - nail art design
pays des feés - costume
Bukiya - costume

Steph Pockets, Reiko 'Kiupii' Kido, Tomohiko Iwasaki, Hirokazu Nagafuji, Shohei Sugimoto(G-ROKS Studio), Kosuke Osawa(G-ROKS Studio), Norio Mochizuki(..::LCP RECORDS::..), Damiana Terry, Takayuki Uotani(Rakuno iland), Toshihiko Horii(Takara peach farm), and you...
DREAM in RUINS is NORO’s first single in three years. It's dreamy and acoustic like The Beatles and The Velvet Underground, and her feelings against the War and Nuclear power plants is expressed in the lyrics. And it's her first challenge to compose the whole part with live instruments.  DREAM in RUINS drops on Aug. 6th the same day as the Hiroshima bomb drop on music download stores!

news and topics
NORO is a Japanese fimale singer-songwriter, sound producer/engineer, arranger and artwork director/designer. She was born in Hiroshima. When she was a high school student, she started to learn to play the guitar and to write words and music by herself. After she entered University, she started to create music with PC and softwere by the suggestion of B.U.S., a dance music producer. NORO moved to Tokyo after graduation and began her career as a multi-talented musician who does live shows, producing various club events, and other various works in the music industry. She released the first dreamy pop album "LOVE SWEET DREAM" in 2007. After that she composed for major artists and released the second mini-album "FREEWHEELin' e.p." in 2011. She wrote for a Japanese digital magazine and provided original songs in it with her witty essay including her composing method. The songs were compiled in 2014 as her third mini-album "theRoom1058." Her latest single is "DREAM in RUINS," (2014).
the Room 1058 - NORO's 3rd mini-album
NORO wrote for a Japanese digital magazine "Torutaru" and provided original songs in it with her witty essay including her composing method from 2012, and this album songs are collection from the colums include 5 short pop music and 2 bonus instrumental tracks, feels like in a toy box!
released: 2014,July 30th on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Sportify....etc!

FREEWHEELin'e.p. - NORO's 2nd mini-album
Dreamy and Pop, Strange but Cool and Dainty but Crazy. It is coquettish and cute like the movies and fashion of the 60′s. This album is 4 songs and consists of Latin, Rock, House, Break Beats and Electro flavors and NORO's sweet voice unifies them. and it shows a clear picture of her sense of beauty like a scene of a film shot in dreamy sepia.
released: 2011,Dec 7th on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play....etc!

NORO's debut album released 2007(digital) and 2008(CD).Her sweet voice wrapped dreamy electric tracks and feels like french sweets.Japanese digital version and CD version has 10 songs included her raggae remix of "Take on me(A-HA)". World wide version has 9 original songs.Taste yummy sweets sounds:)
released: 2007,Aug 15th on iTunes and 2008 Oct.22nd on Amazon(CD) ...etc!

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