NORO interview on the internet radio in UK

you can listen to the radio archive on youtube !

NORO,  the talk guest on the Asian music radio program “K-Pop korner” of TRQ Turquoise Radio in UK. You can listen to it from everywhere on internet!
日本時間10/8(水)深夜2時(10/7の夜)から、アジアの音楽を紹介するイギリスのインターネットラジオ番組「K-Pop Korner」にトークゲスト出演しました。★再放送は日本時間10/11(土)午前10時から(NOROのコーナーは番組開始20分後位からです)

Tuesday 7th October (Indonesia/Korea/Japan: Wednesday 8th October) 2014
REPEAT: Friday 10 October (UK/CET/Indonesia/Korea/Japan: Saturday 11th October) 2014

■ WHAT TIME?(NORO is from about 20 minutes after the start time)
10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern (US),
6pm BST (UK) / 7pm CET (Central Europe),
12am WIB (Jakarta – Indonesia) / 2am KST/JST (Korea/Japan)
Friday 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern (US)
Saturday 2am (UK)/ 3am CET / 8am Jakarta-Indonesia/Thailand / 10am Japan/South Korea

■ MC
Adam Riley featured ….O Broject #K-Pop side, NORO #J-Pop side!


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